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Professional window tinting service is a great way to upgrade your car. Aftermarket window tint can improve your driving experience and protect your vehicle. Window tints can be tricky to work with, so you’ll need professional installation to ensure you get the best results and the most benefits. Here are three reasons you should hire a professional window tinting service to tint your windows.

1. UV Rays Cause Fade

One of the key reasons you should have your windows professionally tinted is to protect them from UV rays. UV rays from the sun can cause some serious damage to the interior of your car. It can fade upholstery and plastic parts. Even leather seats aren’t safe from damaging UV rays. Professional window tinting services can help to protect your investment.

According to our internal resources, a high-quality window tint will block 99% of UV rays. That means that adding a tint to your vehicle windows can help protect against UV damage.

2. It Provides a Safer Driver Experience

Window tinting can help to reduce glare, creating a safer driving experience. Glare from the sun and even oncoming headlights can be blinding, and un-tinted windows can make it difficult and uncomfortable to drive.

It can also be dangerous to drive when glare makes it hard for you to keep your eyes on the road. Taking your eyes off the road for even a second can end badly, so it’s best to have your windows tinted to prevent glare.

3. It Can Keep Temperatures Down

If you’ve ever opened your car door after it was parked in the sun for a few hours, you know how hot it can get inside. It can take quite a few minutes for things to cool down before you can take a seat. A window tinting service can help to keep your car cooler. The window tint acts as a filter for the sun, which can keep temperatures down inside the car.

Tinting your windows comes with many benefits. However, to ensure that your windows are tinted properly, it’s important to have the tint installed professionally. Call The Specialists today to have your windows tinted by Southern Arizona’s top tint expert.

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Not only does window tint add a stylish, modern appeal to your car, but it also offers benefits like UV-ray protection. If you’re considering adding tinted film to your windows but are unsure of the advantages, this blog discusses the top four benefits.

1. Safer and Comfortable Driving

Window tinting shields you and your vehicle’s interior from the sun’s glare. 3M window tint works by blocking up to 95% of visible light from entering your vehicle, allowing you to see the road more clearly when driving. Car window tinting also blocks over 99% of UV rays, protecting your skin and eyes from damage. Long-term UV radiation exposure can cause premature aging, discoloration, and skin cancer. If you spend a lot of time driving, you should seriously consider having tint installed by a professional installation service.

2. Security and Privacy

Car window tinting offers added security and privacy. Auto burglary does exist, and it frequently results from people being able to see inside a car. If you often leave valuables in your vehicle, consider getting window tint. Use the darkest possible shade for your windows for the highest level of security and privacy. However, it’s important to note that you may be limited to certain levels of tint shades by your state.

3. Safety

Approximately 3 million fatal automobile accidents occur annually in the United States, and part of the injuries sustained in the accidents result from broken windows. In case of an accident, tinted windows offer an extra layer of protection by keeping the broken glass in place.

4. Maintain Cool Temperatures

Being in a hot automobile is uncomfortable. The interior of the car can get intolerably hot if the windows aren’t tinted. When the heat is too intense, it can overshadow the AC’s cooling efforts. Consider the impact excessive AC use can have on gas consumption. With a high-quality window tint, you will get to enjoy cooler temperatures and reduced fuel consumption.

For the best results, have your window tints installed by a professional. Skilled window tinting technicians can give you more information about car window tinting laws applicable in your state. If you’re looking for a trusted window tint specialist, contact The Specialists today.

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Many people choose aftermarket auto glass tinting to help reduce glare and protect the interior of their car. According to Solar Studies, auto glass tinting can reduce harmful infrared light by 97%. Most people don’t know that window tinting can be good for their health. Here are three ways that window tinting can benefit you.


1. Reduce Exposure to The Harmful Rays of the Sun


Auto window tinting can help to reduce your risk of skin cancer. The fact is that a window tint filters the harmful rays of the sun out before it ever reaches your skin. This can be an easy way to protect yourself from the sun.


Have you ever driven on a bright sunny day and found that one arm is tanner than the other because of the way the sun hits your car as you are driving? That is all the evidence that you need. Windows that are not tinted can actually act like a magnifying glass for the sun.


2. Protection for Your Vision


The sun is not only a danger to your skin, but it’s a danger to your vision. Window tinting of your auto glass or in your home can help to reduce the strain that is put on your eyes from the unfiltered sun. Protecting your vision is one of the clear benefits of having your windows tinted. Most people do not think about their vision until there is a problem.


3. Keep You From Overheating


Your skin is your largest organ when it’s exposed to the constant heat of the sun. Even when you have the AC blasting there is a risk that you will overheat. You will at the very least feel uncomfortable. Auto-window tinting can help to keep you cooler and more comfortable.


Tinting can also help to improve safety. The film is attached with an adhesive that creates a bond that also strengthens the glass in your car. Should the glass break, you will be protected from the glass shards because they will stay attached to the tinted film.


Having your car windows tinted will help to protect your investment and it can also help to protect your health. If you’re looking for auto glass tinting you can trust, contact The Specialists – Window Tinting today!

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Among all the changes you can make to your car, window tinting is undoubtedly one of the finest long-term ways to enhance your automobile experience. Car window tinting is well-known for reducing glare and UV radiation while improving privacy. Due to the benefits of car window tinting and its widespread adoption by drivers, the automotive tinting industry keeps experiencing growth. According to Fortune Business Insights, by 2027, the worldwide automobile tinting industry is expected to be worth USD 1,679.2 million. That said, if you have scheduled an appointment to install window tints on your vehicle, you must ensure that your vehicle is ready for installation. Regardless of your technician’s best efforts, an unprepared car may result in a bad tint installation. If you don’t know how to prepare your vehicle for the upgrade, follow the basic procedures in this article to get your car ready for window tinting.


Replace Chipped and Cracked Glass


Automotive window tints are long-lasting and sturdy, unlike certain vehicle enhancements. Window tinting films can last for up to ten years after application. Since window tints are made to endure a long period, car owners should ensure that their glass can last the same amount of time. Ensure you check the glass you want to be colored before your appointment. Although windshields endure the greatest stress on the road, side windows can be damaged by rock chips or vandalism. As you check your car for evidence of glass damage, slide each window down to examine its edge for chips. If you discover any damage, get the cracked glass replaced.


Clean Your Vehicle


Tinting films cover the interior of automobile windows to filter light efficiently. Anything floating in the air might become sandwiched in-between film and the glass when they are applied. As a result, most vehicle tinting shops are as spotless as possible. That said, if your car is filthy, tint installation technicians cannot assure a clean work environment for your appointment. Despite your car window tinting technician’s best efforts, dirt that enters the air as the vehicle’s doors are opened may wind up marring your tint work. To avoid this, have your car cleaned and detailed before your tinting appointment.


Detail Your Windows


Most automobile detailers concentrate on cleaning interior surfaces and carpets. That said, you should detail your windows before your tinting appointment. Remove any stickers or static clings from the interior of your vehicle’s windows with caution. If removing the stickers leaves a residue, use soap, water, and a razor blade to remove it. Once your windows are clean, use a lint-free rag to wipe down every inside window surface to eliminate any remaining dust or dirt. Roll each window down to clean the topmost portion of each piece of glass. These techniques let your specialist install your window tinting in less time.


Proper preparation of a vehicle for a tinting appointment is key to a successful tint installation. It allows for quick installation devoid of errors that undermine the window tint’s durability. Do you need car window tinting? Don’t hesitate to call The Specialists today to get it done professionally.