Residential Window Tinting

Technology Specialists provide professional residential window tinting service using the finest 3M Window Films that helps you live more comfortably in every room at home without worrying about excessive heat and glare, faded furniture, security or privacy.

Technology Specialists is the exclusive 3M™ Authorized Window Film Dealer and Certified Installer in Tucson.

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How Window Tinting Protects Your Home

Improve the Quality of Sunlight

When sunlight passes through a window that has 3M ™ Window films installed, the only thing that gets through is the natural light that you love while the harmful heat and UV rays are blocked out. Doing Window tinting for home helps you reduce your energy bills, remove hot spots, and protect your furniture from glare and premature again, all without reducing natural light.

  • Prevents up to 78% of heat rays from entering your home
  • Improves quality of natural light
  • Rejects virtually 99% of dangerous UV rays that cause skin irritation and discomfort

3M™ Prestige Series works efficiently

The 3M ™ Prestige Series films are designed to ensure efficient control and reflection of light rays to protect you from the harmful effects. Unlike other films that heat up under direct sunlight, 3M ™ Prestige Series Window Films work better and more efficiently as the sun gets hotter. This means that your home is cooler and better protected when other brands of film fail.

To ensure best quality, the 3M ™ Prestige Series window films are tested under direct sunlight, when the sun is high, at the hottest times of the day.

Tinting your home window helps you in a lot of ways

There are many advantages to installing 3M window films for your home window tinting.

Prevent Excessive Heat

Remove hotspots and block heat rays for increased comfort.

Prevent Excessive cold

Keep your home cool in the winter and all year round.

Reduce Fading

Filtered natural light keeps your furniture and interior looking new.

Save Money on Energy

Better protection helps reduce your heating and cooling bills.

Less Glare

See better and be more comfortable everywhere in your home every time of the day.

Increased home safety and security

Prevent break-ins and flying glass projectiles during glass damage.

Improved aesthetics and privacy

Customized window tinting that fits your home style and increases privacy

Residential Window Film simulator

Buy Home Window Tinting

If you need home window tinting, look no further than The Specialists today for all your home window tinting solutions.

We are the leading 3M™ Home Window Film Dealer and Certified Installer in Tucson. In addition to providing the best home window film that meet your needs, our home window tinting installers will also take time to work out a personalized solution for you that will take care of all your home window tinting needs.

Call us today and we will be happy to send a professional installer to your location to assess and prepare a custom package of home window tinting for you. We also have decorative window films that can improve the look of your regular glass at an affordable cost. We will also keep you apprised of your installation dates and everything required before then so that you can be rest assured.

We also provide you a full 3M warranty on all sales and installations of home window films so that you enjoy the best quality protection and comfort from your windows.