4 Benefits of Window Tint

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There are a lot of things that vehicle owners must pay for when maintaining their cars. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why some car owners may prefer to put off paying for seemingly innocuous additions like window tint. But the reality is window tint is incredibly important, especially if you live in a hot environment like the one you’ll find in Arizona. Not only is visiting the auto window tinting pros a good idea; it’s often necessary.

With that in mind, let’s explore some of the main benefits of adding window tint to your car.

1. They Block UV Rays

As humans, we are constantly exposed to UV rays. They are virtually impossible to fully avoid. But we actually take in a lot more than we should when driving our cars. When given prolonged exposure to UV rays, human skin can become burned, causing premature aging and even in some cases skin cancer. You can cut down on your exposure by adding a window tint, which can block up to 95% of all visible light from entering. Even a clear film or a light window tint can cut down on your exposure to UV rays. The more time you spend in your car, the more you need to be concerned about this.

2. They Keep Your Car Cooler

Isn’t it awful to open your car door knowing that you’re going to enter an incredibly hot area? Fortunately, there is a way for you to prevent your car from becoming an oven while you’re at the grocery store. Adding window tint can cut down on the amount of heat that your car absorbs.

3. They’ll Preserve Your Car’s Upholstery

After spending a lot of money on a car, many owners are frustrated to see the upholstery fade and become worn-looking rather quickly. The reason why this happens is that the sun is beating down on the upholstery. Window tint upholds your upholstery’s integrity and prevent it from becoming sun-bleached.

4. Better Privacy

You may not want people to look into your car’s windows–understandably. The best way to prevent them from doing so is to add a car tint. This will not only give you more privacy but more security.

Many cars do not come with tinted windows; but adding in window tint can make your car more comfortable, more secure, and safer for you to drive.

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Many car owners prefer tinted windows for aesthetic reasons. However, driving a vehicle with window tints can also help keep your family safe. Here are some reasons why.

Protection From UV Radiation

Tinted windows do a better job at blocking out UV radiation than standard car windows. In fact, tinted windows can block up to 99% of harmful UV rays. However, they only do so if they’re of good quality, which is why it’s best to get it done by a reputable window tinting shop. Not only can tinted windows increase protection from UV radiation, but they also help preserve your vehicle’s interior. Things like upholstery, the dashboard, and carpeting won’t fade so quickly.

Reduces Sun Glare

Besides protecting from UV radiation, tinted windows can also reduce the effects of sun glare. During the day, the sun’s rays can be harsh, and if you’re facing the sun directly while driving, it’s easy to get temporarily blinded, which can increase the risk of accidents. Therefore, if you have window tints, this effect is much less pronounced, which makes the car safer to drive.

Reduces The Risk of Theft

It’s very common for thieves to smash windows and grab personal contents from cars just because they were easy to spot. This can put your family in danger if they’re inside the car or close by. The good news is, darkened windows make it harder to view the interior of the car, and this can go a long way towards deterring thieves.

Protection From Shattered Glass

In the unfortunate event that a car accident occurs, having tinted windows can add a layer of protection against the shattered glass. That’s because when you go to a window tinting shop, they typically add a thin layer of film to apply the tint. This thin film helps to hold the glass together, which minimizes the chances of skin cuts from glass shards.

Reduces Night Light Glare

During the day, darkened windows protect from the sun’s glare. They also provide the same protection at night when the glare from street lights and headlights can also be harsh. This reduces the risk of accidents since you won’t be so blinded while driving.

As you can see, having tinted windows can keep your family safe in many ways. If you’re a car owner in Tucson DMA, be sure to work with a reputable window tinting shop, so you can get the best benefits.

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Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U.S., and the American Academy of Dermatology says that exposure to UV light increases the risk for every type of skin cancer. Staying in the shade is a great solution for this, and your car would offer protection if not for its windows, which let in UV light from the sun. This may be bad news for people who spend a long time driving, but fortunately, there’s something they can do about it because car window tinting can block 99% of harmful UV rays.

You may not always remember to apply sunscreen with an SPF value of at least 30 or carry one with you any time you go out in the sun. The next best thing you can do if you’re driving around is getting auto glass tinting installed. While the windshield is treated to block the two types of UV light, namely UVA and UVB, the other windows aren’t and so it would be a good idea to install car window tinting.

Factors Affecting UV Exposure

Apart from wearing sunscreen, some other factors that affect the strength of the UV rays from the sun include:

  • The time of day, with UV rays being strongest at midday.
  • The season, as UV rays are stronger during summer and spring than in other seasons.
  • Altitude, with higher places receiving stronger UV rays as they’re technically closer to the sun.
  • Cloud cover; fewer UV rays reaches the ground when it’s overcast, although this varies.
  • Distance from the equator, with UV exposure going down the further you get from the equator.
  • Reflection off of surfaces like snow, sand, water, or even the pavement you’re walking on, effectively giving you a kind of double-exposure.

If you drive for long hours, car window tinting is the best protection you can get for yourself as it will decrease exposure to dangerous UV rays. The connection was made by medical researchers who noticed that when skin cancer occurred on only one side of the body, it was on the left side, and especially the upper arms.

Prolonged sun exposure also increases the signs of aging like wrinkles, dry skin, sagging, and age spots. You may also get sunburn and hives, all of which can be avoided by car window tinting. It is a simple solution to an array of complications, so think about installing a tint on your car windows to keep you and the occupants of your car safe.

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There are a number of reasons that car owners want to have their windows tinted, and heat protection is a key reason in Phoenix. When windows are tinted a dark shade, less sun comes into the vehicle, protecting the owner and its occupants. It does so by reducing glare to make driving safer and reflecting light to keep vehicles cooler.

Tinting options have become even easier, and you can have auto window tinting come to you in mobile service. But keep in mind these window tinting laws in Arizona.

Arizona Tinting Laws Explained

The basics of auto window tinting in Arizona rest on the code of Visible Light Transmission, also known as VLT. Only a certain percent of light is allowed to be reduced from window tinting.

Arizona tinting laws are broken down by vehicle type.

Arizona Tinting Laws for Sedans

The windshield must have a non-reflective tint that is permitted above the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. Additionally, the front side windows must permit no less than 33% of light. The backside windows can use any shade of darkness. For the rear, any shade of dark tint can also be used.

Arizona Tinting Laws for SUV and Vans

The windshield must have a non-reflective tint and must be allowed over the manufacturer’s AS-1 line. For the front windows, no less than 33% of light is permitted. For the back and rear windows, any shade of dark tint can be used.

Reflection Laws for Auto Window Tinting

Reflection laws for window tinting allow a certain amount of reflection, but exact percentages must be followed.

  • Front side windows (cars): No more than 35% reflection
  • Back side windows (cars): No more than 35% reflection
  • Front side windows (SUV/vans): No more than 35% reflection
  • Back side windows (SUV/vans): No more than 35% reflection

Additional Window Tinting Regulations in Arizona

There are some additional tinting regulations you should be aware of before you get your vehicle windows tinted. They refer to side mirrors, color restrictions, and some medical exceptions.

For mirrors, dual side mirrors are required if the back window is tinted. When it comes to colors, red and amber are the only colors that are not permitted. Medical exceptions do exist and are considered on a case-by-case basis. Call the DMV for medical exception information if you require window tinting for medical purposes.

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If you want to get auto window tinting in Arizona, be sure that you follow these regulations. Some people stop themselves from getting tinting because they think it’s illegal or because there are too many laws. These regulations are very easy to follow. You can still tint your windows and enjoy the privacy and safety that tinted windows bring. Book your appointment today.